x-men the animated series

Episode 18: X-Men – The Animated Series

This time, Morgan geeks out about his favourite 1990s cartoon series, teaching Tom all about gruffly-voiced Wolverine, heartbreaking beastly romances and why will.I.Am isn’t the world’s best actor.

We look back at the entire history and making of the classic X-Men: The Animated Series, and how it may have inspired the future film series.

Beer choice this week was Guinness XX – we think you can guess why.

Developments since broadcast:

 In August 2020, it was announced that there were talks ongoing with Disney+ to revive the series.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 18: X-Men – The Animated Series

  1. Sam Thomas says:

    Wait a second! Morph was not destroyed. We learned that he merely had his shirt ripped by a laser blast and was brought back as a bad guy by Mr. Sinister! That aside this episode was “more fun than bumper cars”

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