Episode 29: Lost – The Unanswered Questions

A very disgruntled Tom takes Morgan through one of his all-time favourite TV shows: Lost, marking 7 years since it ended on May 23.

Though, you wouldn’t know it by how angry he sounds when discussing all the big questions that were never properly answered, from The Numbers to The Smoke Monster. Meanwhile, Morgan shows off his impressive Matthew Fox and Joseph Fiennes impressions. Now, where’s that DHARMA beer?

WARNING: Contains HUGE spoilers for the whole of Lost.


Right click and save here to download on Desktop, or stream in the player above.

Beer choice: Oliver’s Island.


One thought on “Episode 29: Lost – The Unanswered Questions

  1. RodimusBen says:

    The outrigger chase was explained by the bonus materials in the LOST series box set. The journal from the Black Rock included in the set recounts a shootout between unknown assailants as the Black Rock crew were exploring the Island. So Sawyer & Co. time flashed to the middle of the 1800s and exchanged fire with the Black Rock crew. I consider it canon because it’s in the official box set, but I agree it’s annoying they couldn’t have explained it in the show.


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