back to the future

Episode 39: Back to the Future

Great Scott and all that. In this episode, Tom explains to Morgan just why BTTF is his favourite movie series of all time. They discuss and dissect all three movies, the cartoon series, games and more.

We find out why you can’t just copy someone’s face, how the plot of the second movie is so complicated that Tom can’t speak, and just how many Ted Danson puns we can fit into a minute.

Released in 1985 from director Rob Zemeckis, Back to the Future was a worldwide hit at the box office and has only grown in popularity over the decades.

The original film starred Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, a teenager who accidentally finds himself stuck back in 1955, after escaping terrorists who were after his inventor pal, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). He then has to find Doc’s past self to help him back ‘to the future’, while trying to get his parents to fall in love, after his mother falls in love with him. It sounds weird written down, but just go with it.

It spawned two successful spinoffs and a cartoon series, and several awesome reunions over the years. But could it ever return?

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