animals of farthing wood

Episode 59: The Animals of Farthing Wood

For this episode, Tom takes Morgan back to their 1990s childhoods, by reliving the trauma suffered by watching animated TV series The Animals of Farthing Wood, based on the novels by Colin Dann.

We look back at the various horrendous deaths suffered by the woodland critters that makes Game of Thrones seem tame, how the suffering of a cute badger lost him some serious street cred, and both boys genuinely start tearing up in the most emotional episode yet.

Tissues at the ready, gang!

Beer choice: Badger Brewery’s Golden Champion

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Written by Colin Dann in 1979, the Animals of Farthing Wood book series was adapted into a children’s TV show by joint French and British production companies in the early 1990s, becoming a cult favourite for years to come.

The TV series followed the animals of Farthing Wood, who were forced to flee their homes after humans started destroying the wood to build houses. Bastards.

Led by their hero Fox, and guided by Toad, the animals left Farthing Wood on a journey to White Deer Park, a nature reserve where they would be protected.

animals of farthing wood

The second and third series of the show followed the relationships between the Farthing Wood animals, the White Deer Park animals and mysterious outsiders, including a blue fox named Scarface and a bunch of rats.

As we explain in the episode, the series was surprisingly dark for a kids’ show, and still holds up as a serial drama of sorts nearly 30 years later.

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