live and kicking

Episode 61: Live and Kicking

For our first episode of 2020, Tom takes Morgan back to the 1990s once again, as the boys discuss the nostalgia rush that is Live and Kicking.

We go through a brief history of Saturday morning kids’ TV from Tiswas to SMTV, debate the Andi Peters/Emma Forbes vs Zoe Ball/Jamie Theakston eras and try to remember which one was Trevor or Simon.

We also recall John Barrowman’s involvement, memorable phone-in jingles, and what signalled the demise of a TV institution.

Live and Kicking launched in the early 1990s, and became an institution in the UK when it came to children’s TV.

Saturdays were not complete without a dose of Live and Kicking and its cartoon lineup of X-Men, The Raccoons and more.

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