Episode 63: Armageddon

Now, we didn’t plan this, but our next episode is all about a movie that delves into the end of the world, Armageddon. Whoops.

Yep, it’s time for Tom to teach Morgan all about 1998 Michael Bay/Bruce Willis disaster movie explosion fest Armageddon! AKA the highest grossing movie of 1998.

In the episode, we discuss the film’s frankly amazing cast, Ben Affleck’s hilarious disparaging DVD commentary, and we hear Morgan’s Donald Trump impression. What more could you want?

We recorded this episode before the whole coronavirus pandemic became a thing, but we reckon it’s strangely apt to be discussing something so… end of the world-y. So, at least whatever’s happening in your life right now, at least the fate of the world isn’t in the hands of Bruce Willis and his oil drilling pals.

Podcasts can be a great comfort or distraction in times like these, so while we’re sure everyone has bigger concerns, we hope we can provide some small feeling of comfort and a bit of a giggle.

All the best from both of us, stay safe.

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