GIl Gerard as Buck Rogers

Episode 79: Buck Rogers

The year was 1979, and NBC launched the last screen adaptation to date of a popular comic strip hero – after 2 seasons and 37 episodes, Captain William ‘Buck’ Rogers was blown out of the network’s schedules into an orbit which left the show on ice, but now we return to Buck Rogers… 41 YEARS LATER!!

This episode sees Morgan teaching Tom all about Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, plus its beginnings and predecessors.

Why was Twiki something of a cad? Did Gil Gerard ever actually enjoy it? How does one get down and boogie?

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Based on the character Buck Rogers created back in 1928, this series ran from 1979 to 1981, with its pilot episode being released as an actual film at the cinemas and everything.

Running for two seasons and 37 episode, its two runs were completely different in tone. But it went on to become a cult favourite among fans for decades.

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