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Episode 83: The Rocketeer

This time, Morgan teaches Tom all about one of his favourite films as a kid: 1991’s The Rocketeer!

We look back at the underrated Disney adventure movie starring Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, and hamming it up to the nines, Timothy Dalton.

Morgan realises he’s been pronouncing main character Cliff Secord’s name wrong for nearly 30 years, and we get fascinated by a forgotten romcom which beat it at the box office. Tom also gets rather confused by a new Disney cartoon sequel. We also get sidetracked by the Trancers film franchise starring a surprising Oscar-winner.

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The Rocketeer was based on the comic book character of the same name, created by Dave Stevens. Set in 1938, The Rocketeer follows stunt pilot Cliff who finds a hidden rocket-powered jet pack. He soon attracts Howard Hughes and the FBI, who are hunting the missing jet pack, as well as Nazi agents who stole it from Hughes.

The film began production back in 1983, and had years of development hell with different filmmakers over the years, before finally being released in 1991.

In classic Two Geeks style, it wasn’t a box office success but went on to gain a cult following!

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