Episode 90: Face/Off

“A peach. I could eat a peach for hours.”

This time, Tom is heading back to 1997 to teach Morgan all about the ridiculous-yet-brilliant John Woo action film, Face/Off. And as Johnny Depp discovered, it’s not an ice hockey movie.

We delve into the madness of the John Travolta and Nicolas Cage vehicle, and how it was originally meant to be set in the future in the style of Demolition Man.

In the episode, we ponder the cosmetic dilemmas regarding doing such a body swap in real life (do you keep the abs? What about the penis?), we find out the other pairs of actors who almost took it on, and look ahead to an upcoming sequel.

In what is what Morgan described as one of our silliest episodes yet, we also hear some cracking Harrison Ford and Al Pacino impressions and discover real-life procedures that blow our minds.

Make sure to check out previous movie-based episodes, including other action favourites such as Die Hard, Licence to Kill and Predator.

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Clips used:

  • Face/Off (Paramount)
  • Red Dwarf (BBC)

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