Episode 93: The Champions

It’s new, it’s intriguing, be sure to listen, you’ll find it exciting!

Join us for a groovy jaunt back to the 1960s, where Morgan fondly recalls (and Tom learns all about) the cult TV classic that is… The Champions.

In the episode, we discuss:

  • How The Muppets were once linked to Sophie’s Choice
  • Why The Persuaders was the coolest TV show ever
  • Morgan explains to Tom what ‘pseudo-historical’ means
  • The wonderful history of ITC
  • The bizarre time travel rules of Doctor Who
  • Why Stuart Damon was a dish
  • The most underwhelming trailer of all time
  • What it means to ‘Warren Beatty’ your way through a club dancefloor
  • Morgan’s execellent David Prowse impression
  • Some actual journalism by us
The Champions 1.1 – The Beginning – Fire Breathing Dimetrodon Time

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Clips used:

  • The Champions (ITV)
  • Doctor Who (BBC)
  • Neighbours (Seven)
  • TFI Friday (Channel 4)
  • Ron Grainer – Theme from Man in a Suitcase (ITV)
  • ITC Home Video (ITC)
  • We Were the Champions (Swinging Star Productions)
  • General Hospital (ABC)

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