Episode 96: Willow

Out of the way, peck!

For this episode, Tom is taking Morgan back to another of his ’80s fantasy favourites as a kid: Ron Howard and George Lucas’s Willow, starring a very young Warwick Davis, the super-cool Val Kilmer and the incredible Jean Marsh.

As well as Tom’s traditional drunkenly poor attempt to explain the plot, we discuss:

  • How to say Madmartigan when you’re not American
  • The crap Fellowship of the Nelwyn
  • Questionable love potions
  • Pat Roach’s fascinating career
  • Chuck Cunningham’s glow-up
  • Tom’s dad’s Hollywood school friend
  • The film’s ridiculous poor reviews
  • Willow’s upcoming long-awaited TV sequel

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Ron Howard is in Talks To Make a Willow Sequel Series For Disney+

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Clips used:

  • Willow (LucasFilm/MGM)
  • Willow Blu-Ray Interview (Total Film)

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