A nostalgia podcast about TV, film, video games and more.

Tom and Morgan are two mates who love talking nonsense about pop culture, while also enjoying a beer. We’ve taken our drunken ramblings from the pub to the studio to teach each other about all kinds of films, TV shows, video games and more. From ’80s cartoons to ’90s kids shows, action film franchises to cult games, we’ll chat about anything remotely geek-related, often with plenty of confusion, bickering and fond nostalgia.

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A little bit more about us…

Yes, we know there are thousands of podcasts featuring a couple of geeky guys or girls discussing pop culture, perhaps with an alcoholic beverage or two. And so yes, we also realise that a podcast titled Two Geeks, Two Beers is rather generic.

But hear us out!

Hosted by Morgan Jeffery and Tom Eames, the show delves into the world of cult TV shows, movies, video games, icons, just about anything. With the help of beer and Google, it’s anyone’s guess what topics we might end up on each episode.

Both Tom and Morgan have careers in entertainment journalism – specialising in TV, movies, music and beyond. Morgan is currently the Associate Editor at leading UK entertainment website Radio Times, and has appeared on various radio and TV shows as an geek expert, while Tom is the Digital Managing Editor at Global’s Smooth Radio and Gold, and has hosted several other podcasts with a Masters in Radio.

Our jobs and nerdy past have allowed us to interview some amazing people and heroes over the years, many of whom appear as exclusive audio highlights in our episodes, from David Tennant to Tom Baker to Kiefer Sutherland.

So, enjoy our rambling drunken podcast! Please get in touch via our email address – or give us a rating or review – it really does mean the world to us when you do.

We used to be called Two Geeks, Two Beers and a Laptop. We’ve now dropped ‘And a Laptop’ because, well, we’re lazy.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Hi guys, really love the podcast. I’m a bit older than you two (44) so especially like the stuff from the late 80’s. When I started listening I was cherry picking the episodes that really interested me like Knightmare, Predator and Red Dwarf etc, but have now listened to every episode including the ones for programmes I have never actually watched!! Like animals of farthing wood for instance. I was probably in college by then and despite having never even heard of it, I still enjoyed you both taking about it :). Looking forward to the next one. Suggestions Dungeons&Dragons, Doom, Dogtanian, Discworld and finally fighting fantasy (to show I’m not obsessed with the letter D). Thanks

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Stuart! Always means a lot to hear from our loyal listeners, and glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the show 🙂 And some very good suggestions, watch this space 😉


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