Episode 3: ReBoot

Tom teaches Morgan about forgotten 90s CGI series ReBoot.


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Episode 3 is all about the forgotten YTV/CITV gem ReBoot, the first fully-CGI TV series.

We ask whether ReBoot could be… rebooted, and discuss Dot Matrixes and comparisons to Sliders and Wreck It Ralph.

Episode 2: Thundercats

Classic 80s cartoon series with Jagar, Mumm-ra and Safari Joe…

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Our second episode sees Morgan teach Tom all about 1980s cartoon series Thundercats!

Discover all about how Jagar is like Alec Guinness, Mumm-ra is definitely not Skeletor and Brad Pitt makes the perfect Lion-o



Episode 1: Terrahawks

Gerry Anderson’s excellent 80s sci-fi puppet series. Expect the unexpected…

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In our first episode, Tom teaches Morgan about Gerry Anderson’s 1980s sci-fi puppet series Terrahawks.

Discussions include Tiger Ninestein being a dick, Captain Scarlet being a rubbish agent, Fireball XL5’s awesome theme tune and other random tangents.



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