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Podlet Episode 4: Game of Thrones

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Now that Morgan actually likes Game of Thrones thanks to a fantastic season 6, the boys discuss the big finale, all of the deaths, Daario getting shafted and looking ahead to season 7.

Beer choice: Moor Relentless Optimism


Podlet Episode 2: Doctor Strange preview

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Ahead of our next full episode about Sliders – here’s our quick take on the current Marvel Cinematic Universe situation: Doctor Strange trailer (and whether Benedict Cumberbatch can be arsed), Captain America: Civil War preview (why does everyone care about bloody Bucky) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (why it could be awesome).

NOTE: This episode was recorded before certain MCU spoilers were released.


Podlet Episode 1: The Walking Dead

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To tide you over until our next episode, we’ve made a couple of podlets! These will be very short episodes about current pop culture events that we simply had to discuss/moan about.

The first one is all about The Walking Dead finale with Negan and the return of spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. We reveal our annoyance of bitpart characters and how we predict season 7 will be like South Park.



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Hello and welcome to Two Geeks, Two Beers and a Laptop!

Presented by Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery, this show will delve into the world of cult TV shows, movies, music, just about anything. With the help of beer and Google, it’s anyone’s guess what topics we might end up on each episode.

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