Episode 85

Published on:

21st Feb 2021


For this episode, we’ll be digging up something of a forgotten treasure from years gone by and uncovering the secrets of… Aquila!

Aquila was a much-loved 1990s CBBC sci-fi series that only ran for two seasons, but it left a longlasting impression on us all these years later.

In case you don’t know the show (which is quite likely if you weren’t aged between 10 and 14 in 1997 and lived in the UK), Aquila follows the adventures of the brilliantly-named Tom and Geoff, who discover a mysterious spaceship. The ship, Aquila, is capable of pretty much anything, and the boys soon head off on incredible journeys through time and space. Oooh…

In the episode, we ponder what we would have done with such a ship when we were kids, whether it had TikTok and Instagram and they didn’t know it, and recalled moments of being bullied by kids far younger than us at school.

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