Episode 69

Published on:

20th Jun 2020


It really shouldn’t work, and many at the time said it didn’t, but a movie based on the Cluedo board game was a childhood favourite of Tom’s back in the day.

As Morgan has never seen 1985’s Clue, or even played Cluedo, for the latest episode Tom gives a mini history lesson on the crime caper starring Tim Curry.

The boys discuss the film’s groundbreaking different endings, a potential remake, and why Monopoly is the worst.

Directed by Jonathan Lynn with a script by Lynn and John Landis, the black comedy mystery film starred a fantastic ensemble including Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, Madeleine Khan and Michael McKean.

Ahead of its time in many ways, Clue had three possible endings, and while it wasn’t a huge success at the time, it has gone on to become a cult favourite (in true Two Geeks fashion).

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