Episode 57

Published on:

28th Sep 2019

David Bowie In Film

For this episode, Tom takes Morgan through six TV and film projects starring the one and only David Bowie:

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth
  • The Snowman
  • The Hunger
  • Into the Night
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • The Prestige

If you’re wondering where Labyrinth is, don’t worry we haven’t gone mad. We’ve already done a Labyrinth special, which you can catch right here.

Discover the brilliance of Bowie on film, why Raymond Briggs wasn’t a fan, and hear Morgan’s unique impression on tap.

Beer choice: Tiny Rebel’s Clwb Tropicana, Stay Puft, Frambuzi and Pump Up the Jam.

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