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30th Jan 2019

Special Episode: Greatest Hits

Yes, it’s the obligatory clip show! To celebrate reaching our 50th episode (though, our ‘official’ 50th episode is coming very soon), we wanted to take a look back at the very best of our half-century of episodes.

If you’ve been with us since the start then enjoy the very best of Two Geeks, Two Beers so far – or if you’re a new listener (welcome!), then here’s a quick(ish) intro to what the show is all about: bickering about geeky things.

Thanks to everyone who has listened to any of our shows so far, and here’s to another 50!


  1. Why Captain Scarlet is Spectrum’s worst agent (Ep 1: Terrahawks)
  2. Safari Joe does it again (Ep 2: Thundercats)
  3. Scorpion King sequels (Ep 5: Freaky Film Franchises)
  4. The God of Gamblers series (Ep 5: Freaky Film Franchises)
  5. Kevin Bacon’s lowest ebb (Ep 7: Tremors)
  6. Don’t feel sorry for Jamie Kennedy (Ep 7: Tremors)
  7. Sidestep to your left, Simon (Ep 9: Knightmare)
  8. You’re overreacting Clark (Ep 10: Lois & Clark)
  9. Crime Traveller explained (Ep 11: Doctor Who Wannabes Part 1)
  10. Zarof and Taffin (Ep 11: Doctor Who Wannabes Part 1)
  11. Richard Armitage can’t recall (Ep 12: Doctor Who Wannabes Part 2)
  12. Drinking in front of Jason (Ep 13: Halloween and Friday the 13th)
  13. Fancying cartoons (Ep 14: Bucky O’Hare)
  14. Alpha’s Magical Christmas (Ep 15: 12 Days of Geekmas)
  15. Previously on… (Ep 18: X-Men)
  16. John McClane’s that weren’t (Ep 19: Die Hard)
  17. Ranking the Die Hards argument (Ep 19: Die Hard)
  18. John Rhys Davies’ bitter disappointment (Ep 20: Sliders)
  19. It’s morphin’ time! (Ep 21: Power Rangers)
  20. 50 Cent’s video games (Ep 22: Sega Mega Drive)
  21. Most James Bond films are ropey (Ep 23: James Bond)
  22. Smelling like Pierce Brosnan (Ep 23: James Bond)
  23. The world’s biggest Arnold Vosloo fan (Ep 24: 24)
  24. What are you going to about this incident? (Ep 24: 24)
  25. Jack Frost fan wikis (Ep 25: Christmas Horror Movies)
  26. Angry Lost questions (Ep 29: Lost)
  27. FlashForward acting (Ep 29: Lost)
  28. Catch the Pigeon? (Ep 30: The Mandela Effect)
  29. Biting into your history (Ep 31: Dark Crystal and Labyrinth)
  30. Hulk’s horrible theme tune (Ep 32: The Incredible Hulk)
  31. Beer explosion (Ep 33: Red Dwarf)
  32. The best ‘Flash, aaah’ (Ep 35: Flash Gordon)
  33. Ross Kemp’s Christmas Carol (Ep 36: Ranking the Scrooges)
  34. Bodger and Badger / Presumptious (Ep 37: 2017 – A Year in Geek)
  35. Mind the nuke (Ep 38: Predator)
  36. Jesse Ventura’s TV history (Ep 38: Predator)
  37. Those boards don’t work on water! (Ep 39: Back to the Future)
  38. Brucesploitation movies (Ep 40: Bruce Lee)
  39. Turtles concert tour (Ep 41: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  40. The Lake House vs Mortal Kombat (Ep 42: Mortal Kombat)
  41. Worst lines in movie history (Ep 42: Mortal Kombat)
  42. Death… on the Nile (Ep 43: Ranking the Sherlocks)
  43. Tom Hardy’s Upstairs Downstairs… (Ep 43: Ranking the Sherlocks)
  44. Jamie Anderson’s favourite Tracy brother (Ep 44: Gerry Anderson Special)
  45. Why Mission Impossible 2 is amazing (Ep 46: Mission Impossible)
  46. The Air Bud franchise (Ep 47: Freaky Film Franchises 2)
  47. Explaining Quantum Leap rules (Ep 48: Quantum Leap)
  48. Congratulations, Norman (Ep 49: Ranking the Santas)
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