Episode 44

Published on:

14th Jul 2018

Gerry Anderson (with Jamie Anderson)

Anything can happen in the next… two hours or so.

In this very special episode, Tom and Morgan interview Jamie Anderson, the son of the late, great Gerry Anderson, the head of Anderson Entertainment, and producer of many Big Finish audio productions.

Meeting at a pub in London, we chat about the history of Gerry Anderson’s amazing body of work, including Thunderbirds, Stingray, Terrahawks, Captain Scarlet and more.

Three Geeks… Three Beers!

We discuss who is the best Tracy brother, why Troy Tempest is a rogue, why Joe 90 is a bit of a little git, and what Gerry Anderson really thought of Team America.

Jamie also reveals what’s still to come from keeping his father’s legacy going, including the very exciting Firestorm reboot.

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