Episode 64

Published on:

11th Apr 2020

Red Dwarf (with Doug Naylor and Richard Naylor)

In this very special episode of Two Geeks, we had a fantastic chat with geek hero – Red Dwarf co-creator, director and writer Doug Naylor, and producer Richard Naylor.

In our third interview special (check out our Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs episodes too), we spoke to Doug and Richard about their brand new feature-length Red Dwarf episode The Promised Land, the future of Dwarf, unanswered questions and more.

Despite us all being on lockdown, it was fantastic being able to speak to Doug and Richard over video chat – and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

And make sure to check out our previous Red Dwarf-themed episode, when Tom took Morgan through a potted history of the sci-fi sitcom.

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