Episode 74

Published on:

31st Aug 2020

Streets of Rage

After our previous episode celebrating the very best (and worst) that the Sega Megadrive/Genesis had to offer, this time Morgan teaches Tom about the history of the Streets of Rage franchise.

We discover why roller blading won’t help you in a gang, why you should never bring guns to a metal rod fight, and why we’d love to go clubbing to ’90s video game glitchcore soundtracks.

As we’ve said on the podcast before, we were both late bloomers when it came to video games. Essentially, we had the console you were meant to have 3 years previously, but we loved Streets of Rage and its sequel on the Megadrive as kids.

Streets of Rage is a series of side-scrolling beat ’em up video games, focused on various ex-police vigilantes trying to take down a crime syndicate that has corrupted its local government.

The first three games came out on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive in the early 1990s, and have since been ported and re-released on various platforms. Streets of Rage 4 followed in 2020.

Whether you preferred playing as Max, Axel, Blaze, or even Skate (really?), it was a must-have game for players back in the day.

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