Episode 103

Published on:

24th Apr 2022

Time Crisis


In this episode, Morgan takes a shot at looking back at the history of the classic Time Crisis video game series.

It is an action series that has produced 11 games since first taking arcades by storm in 1995, some 27 years ago.

In a rather drunken episode, we discuss:

  • Morgan's recent stag do and his downright diva behaviour
  • The fun and mystique of arcades - or 'arcade centres' as Tom calls them
  • The light gun myth - did they actually work?
  • Wild Dog's many deaths
  • Time Crisis' insistence of using randomly generic names for its heroes
  • Croad Macgalain - the most underrated action star ever?

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Clips used:

  • Time Crisis (Namco)
  • Time Crisis 2 (Namco)
  • Time Crisis 3 (Namco/Sony)
  • Time Crisis 4 (Namco)
  • Time Crisis 5 (Namco)
  • Time Crisis Crisis Zone (Namco/Sony)
  • Resident Evil (Capcom)
  • Time Crisis: Project Titan (Namco)

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