Episode 78

Published on:

25th Oct 2020

Tom Cruise

In our latest episode dedicated to a particular geek hero, we’ve gone for Mr Cinema himself, Tom Cruise!

Tom attempts to prove to Morgan why Tom Cruise has range, is a brilliant actor, and is a downright great guy. Yes, even with all that.

The boys go through Cruise’s impressive filmography from Top Gun to Collateral and beyond. Even Knight & Day!

We also discuss why Morgan thinks he’s the perfect ‘cocky shit’ actor, how awesome he is with his fans and his impressive stunts.

Tom Cruise first made his name as an international movie star in 1980s classics like Top Gun and Risky Business. By the 1990s he had become a Hollywood icon, and took on a range of different roles from Minority Report to Jerry Maguire.

By 2020 he’s still going strong, doing his own stunts in the Mission Impossible franchise and is tipped to be going into actual space…

Need more Tom Cruise action? Make sure to check out our previous episodes about his early film Legend, and the Mission Impossible franchise.

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