Episode 49: Ranking the Santas

The boys feel all festive by ranking the greatest screen Saint Nicks ever.


Ho, ho, ho!

For this year’s Christmas special, we’re ranking the greatest screen Saint Nicks of all time.

Our five are: Mel Smith (Father Christmas), Edmund Gwynne (Miracle on 34th Street), Richard Attenborough (Miracle on 34th Street), Tim Allen (The Santa Clause), and David Huddleston (Santa Claus: The Movie). But which order will we pick them?

Plus, plenty of other honourable mentions, and a brief history of Santa as we know him. See, it’s an educational show too!

Merry Christmas!

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Episode 36: Ranking the Scrooges (Christmas Special)

Tom and Morgan pick three famous Scrooges each to find out who is the best ever.

Merry Christmas! For this year’s festive special, we’re looking back at some of the most memorable adaptations of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Tom and Morgan pick three Scrooges each, to decide which one is the very best (not including Scrooge McDuck or efforts by Henry Winkler or Kelsey Grammer, sorry boys).

The episode also features an exclusive interview with Muppet Christmas Carol star Meredith Braun, where Tom chatted with her about the film’s fan favourite song ‘When Love is Gone’ and how great Michael Caine was as Scrooge.

Listen to Tom’s interview with Meredith in full:

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Episode 25: Festive Fright Fest (Christmas Horror Movies)

Ho ho horror. Tackling the Christmas vs Halloween genre, from Silent Night Deadly Night to Jack Frost.

Ho ho HORROR. As we missed the deadline for our own Halloween special, we’ve combined it with Christmas for a collection of the best and worst of a very particular kind of horror film: the Christmas horror.

Morgan and Tom teach each other about: Silent Night Deadly Night, Jack Frost, Black Christmas and Treevenge – and discover that the Christmas horror genre is anything but festive. Garbage Day!

Beer choice: Life and Death (Vocation Brewery)

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