Episode 44: Gerry Anderson Special (with Jamie Anderson)

Tom and Morgan speak to Jamie Anderson about all his father Gerry Anderson’s most well-known TV shows.


Anything can happen in the next… two hours or so.

In this very special episode, Tom and Morgan interview Jamie Anderson, the son of the late, great Gerry Anderson, the head of Anderson Entertainment, and producer of many Big Finish audio productions.

Meeting at a pub in London, we chat about the history of Gerry Anderson’s amazing body of work, including Thunderbirds, Stingray, Terrahawks, Captain Scarlet and more.

Three Geeks… Three Beers!

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We discuss who is the best Tracy brother, why Troy Tempest is a rogue, why Joe 90 is a bit of a little git, and what Gerry Anderson really thought of Team America.

Jamie also reveals what’s still to come from keeping his father’s legacy going, including the very exciting Firestorm reboot.

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Episode 31: The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth

Tom takes Morgan through the mind of Jim Henson and two of his greatest fantasy movies.

Tom takes Morgan back to the 1980s – when fantasy movies were everywhere and full of animatronics and puppets instead of CGI and green screens.

This episode delves into the brilliant mind of the late, great Jim Henson, and two of his non-Muppet movies: The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Movies that were not huge successes at the time, but have grown to become cult favourites.

We discuss everything from David Bowie’s bulge, scary bird things and whether pretending you were the baby in Labyrinth wins you any friends at uni.

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Beer choice: Little Creatures


Episode 29: Lost – The Unanswered Questions

An angry Tom takes Morgan through Lost’s biggest mysteries.

A very disgruntled Tom takes Morgan through one of his all-time favourite TV shows: Lost, marking 7 years since it ended on May 23.

Though, you wouldn’t know it by how angry he sounds when discussing all the big questions that were never properly answered, from The Numbers to The Smoke Monster. Meanwhile, Morgan shows off his impressive Matthew Fox and Joseph Fiennes impressions. Now, where’s that DHARMA beer?

WARNING: Contains HUGE spoilers for the whole of Lost.


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Beer choice: Oliver’s Island.


Podlet Episode 4: Game of Thrones

Tom and Morgan dissect the brilliant season 6 finale, including tough break-ups, all the deaths and awesome Bronn.

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Now that Morgan actually likes Game of Thrones thanks to a fantastic season 6, the boys discuss the big finale, all of the deaths, Daario getting shafted and looking ahead to season 7.

Beer choice: Moor Relentless Optimism