Episode 51: Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Our drunkest episode ever sees Tom and Morgan discuss the history of Choose Your Own Adventure books, including testing out three such books.


Take two! We first recorded this episode ages ago, but Tom managed to not record it properly, whoops. So here we finally are!

With some tequila and more beer than usual, this may be the drunkest we’ve ever been, which will make for some adventurous storytelling…

Tom takes Morgan through a history of gamebooks, COYA, Find Your Fate and more, and we also test out three books based on past episodes.

Expect plenty of pageturning, regretful alcohol consumption and awful Snarf impressions…

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Episode 23: James Bond (A Geek’s Guide)

Morgan shows Tom just how geeky 007 is – from lost movies to 007’s ‘number’.

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Morgan teaches Tom about just how the James Bond franchise is much geekier than you think, from lost movies, crap remakes and 007’s magic number.

Beer choice: Vodka Martini (a crap attempt):