Episode 95

Published on:

25th Jul 2021

Spider-Man (2002)

Who are we? You sure you want to know? This podcast is not for the faint of heart!

In this episode, Morgan takes Tom back to 2002 for arguably the start of the world’s love of big budget superhero movies: Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire.

We discuss the film’s two-decade long journey to get to the big screen, the various casting decisions and how the film series may be revisited very soon. We also chat about:

  • Tobey Maguire’s attainable physique (if we cut out the KFC)
  • How some actors were surely too good looking to be considered for Peter Parker
  • Our love of Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott’s banger ‘Hero’
  • Stan Lee and other cameos

Clips used:

  • Spider-Man (Sony Pictures)
  • Mamma-Mia auditions (Universal)
  • Spider-Man The New Animated Series (Sony)
  • ABBA – The Name of the Game (Epic/Atlantic)
  • Shaquille O’Neal – Men of Steel (Qwest Records)
  • The Pete Holmes Show
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